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A working musician since she was 14, Megon began to focus all her energies on her passion for music at the ripe old age of 11 after tragedy struck her home twice in one year. First she lost her father and three months later her college-bound sister died in a car accident.  While dealing with the grief and trying to focus on her schoolwork, the nuns at her Catholic school encouraged Megon to be still and “listen for the calling.” She willingly opened her heart and divine inspiration rushed in from Liverpool in the form of the “Fab Four” immediately followed by an all out British Invasion. Just as Megon professes in one of her original songs Beatle Love, “The Beatles saved my life.”

It was difficult for “good little girls from the Midwest” to make it in the Rock ‘n Roll scene during the ’60s and ’70s.  However, there was room for Megon in the Folk Music world of Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins and Joan Baez. By the time she turned 16, she had a record deal with Mercury Records and, at 17, she left home for Los Angeles to join the John Denver tour.

The John Denver tour, including Carnegie Hall, became the springboard for her achievements: a deal with RCA, seven solo albums, an incredible recording career, a Jeff nominated performance as Patsy Cline in the highly acclaimed tribute Always at Northlight Theatre plus 12 fabulous years with the extremely popular Folk quartet, “The Four Bitchin’ Babes.” Megon McDonough and Peter Polzak

In addition to spending time with her husband Greg and their son Denvir, Megon has been enjoying a fruitful career as singer, songwriter and comedic actress.  She also has a growing business as a life coach and inspirational speaker. 

When her local management team asked her to reprise the songs from her role as Pasty Cline for a private event, Megon teamed up with one of Chicago’s finest Jazzmen, pianist, composer, Peter Polzak.

Polzak shares some parallel history with Megon. He received his first record deal at the age of 14.  By 16 he was signed with Mercury records as a songwriter and had 4 records on Capital Records by the age of 18. Polzak was a Pop Rock composer in the early ’70s but his true inspiration came from Tony Bennett, Bill Evans and Paul Desmond of the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

At their first gig together, Polzak accompanied Megon for a 25-minute set of Patsy Cline tunes. After the break, Megon launched into Jazz and Popular Standards.  The performance “brought down the house” and the audience demanded encores.  Polzak and Megon immediately realized there was a magical energy emanating from their work together.  So began their collaboration on a lifelong dream of Megon’s: to create a tribute to all the talented women in music that inspired her and paved the way for the female stars of today.

With the recent success and rave reviews of Her Way — An Interesting Bunch of Gals, Megon and Peter are currently accepting dates at performing art centers, concert venues and conventions.

Outstanding!! What a range! Megon’s vast musical and theatrical experiences, combined with her ability to bring to life a cast of varied characters are unparalleled. Megon’s use of quick-witted humor made my heart sing right along with a mesmerized audience! Better than Broadway!!

—Kelly McCarthy, Vice President, WW Grainger



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