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Show Reviews: Her Way

“…I thoroughly enjoyed Friday evening. I literally came home and downloaded Dusty, Doris Day, Edith Piaf, Lulu and others…to make a ‘Her Way’ play list on my ipod…this show is going to be an amazing success…and can’t wait to tell the crew at ITLC.”
—Lesley Barnett, Producer, In The Loop Chicago

“…An awesome show! It was wonderful. All three of our generations represented at the show LOVED IT!!!”
—Donna Collins, Producer, Total Event Resources, Inc.

“IT was GREAT!” —Jacquie Brave, Owner, Accenting Chicago Events & Tours, LLC

“It was thrilling to experience Megon McDonough’s Her Way. She possesses one of the great voices in music and delivers her unique, extraordinary show with the style and energy of the best. It’s been a long time since I’ve been amongst such a varied audience who all had the same wonderful reaction.”
—Timothy Evans, Executive Director, Northlight Theatre

“Megon can charm the birds out of the trees…” —Chicago Tribune

“…I have seen Megon perform many times and Her Way was the BEST show ever!” —Ginny Weissman, Transformation Media

Recent audience responses

“…we had a wonderful time Friday night, most enjoyable since our night with Mama Mia in Las Vegas and that was really fun too.”
—Jeanne and Marion, retirees who love the theatre

“I loved everything about the show. Exciting music, humor and style…a memorable journey through time and what a time it was!”—Kate, fellow baby-boomer

“This show brought life to old memories and renewed my spirit. It never lost my attention…Megon brought feeling into the audience.” —Bill, young-at-heart grandfather

“…I just can’t say enough about how good they are. Really, really good…The time just flew by — I was entranced…This show is a winner.” —Rose, frequent theatergoer

“She has one of the most powerful voices I’ve ever heard. Also, the comedy was hilarious and the Jazz band was phenomenal! —Hannah, high school sophomore and aspiring actress

“We have to tell our friends so we can see this again and again.” —John and Hope, future groupies

“Megon is truly one of the most gifted and authentic artistic performers of our time. Her effortless and magical presentations musically connect us with our collective past, powerfully engage our souls right now and inspire our hope for an amazing future. What a tall order, and she abundantly fills it, joyfully!"

—Bill Campbell, Host and Executive Producer, "Chicagoing with Bill Campbell,” ABC7 Chicago, WLS-TV



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