Video Clips from the Hit Show: Her Way

Click on a thumbnail below to watch an excerpt from the show Her Way — An Interesting Bunch of Gals

  • 1:25
    Introducing Her Way
  • 1:14
  • 1:28
    Remembering Judy
  • 1:00
    A "Hit" for Tony
  • 1:32
    Hippie Chick
  • 1:38
    This Show Rocks!

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“It all comes down to one word---WOW! 75 minutes of solid excitement and it's clear I wasn't alone. Everyone was singing along, tapping their feet and/or dancing in their seat. This woman can do eight bars of ANYONE and make me believe the real thing is there on stage. Then before my very ears, she becomes Megon the interpreter and the song actually becomes hers."

—Bill Flynn, President, Paeon Partners



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